2023 Leaderboards

Team Leaderboard:

PlaceOverall TotalsTeam Name
175.50Team Deaddrift
331.00F3 Youth
50.00Team GA
60.00Team LastCast

Individual Leaderboard: Top 15 (link to file is at bottom of page)

PlaceOverall TotalsComptetitor Name
120.50Austin Shoemaker
220.50Kristen Almond
313.00Josh Kwolek
411.50Nick Schierle
510.00Ben Green
610.00Kevin Crenshaw
79.00Justin Hardie
89.00Lawson Braun
97.50Shawn Isaacs
107.50Jonathan Jordan
117.00Robert Lux
127.00Ben VanDevender
136.00David Braun

Masters Leaderboard:

PlaceOverall TotalsComptetitor Name
13.00Robin Lewis
22.50Joseph Kwolek
31.00Scott Asbill

Youth Leaderboard:

PlaceOverall TotalsComptetitor Name
19.00Justin Hardie
29.00Lawson Braun
34.50Payton Bodo
44.50Blake Hall
54.00Lewis Hirsch

Link to overall Leaderboard File: