Competition Formats


Individual scoring events-  anglers earn points based on individual placing only.

-This can be done via split beat format where angler who may be paired in teams or not, will fish half a beat for half the session and then switch with the angler or team mate fishing the other half of their beat.

– This can be utilized using a team format where sessions are scored on team and individual basis where teams fish the same beat but utilize separate score cards.  Anglers may fish split beat format or same beat format based on the comp organizers discretion. A team placing will be derived based on separate placing, or by combining individual placings. Individual placing will be scored per usual procedures.

Team scoring events-  Cuprace events are the only events where teams earn points.  4 events through the season plus a end of year championship.  Each Team recieves preregistration for 4 anglers, 4spots if individual or 2 spots if 2man teams.  After pre registration spots, open registration will be used to add anglers based on team affiliation in equitable fashion.  If there are 12 open registration spots, then each team would essentially have an opportunity to get 2 more anglers in the event IF there is equal amount of team anglers in open registration.  These spots will be filled based on order of registration based on equal distribution of team affiliation (see team affiliation requirements).  These anglers would be wild cards in the event and could be in the top four of the event that contribute to team standings.   Each event takes the top 4 anglers that placed for each team to place team standings and award cuprace points.

Single Day event-  Number of competitors dictates possible points, but points are capped at 32 max.  (30anlger 1day event only gives 30 points to first place, 28.5 to second, 27 to third and so on.) 

    2 Day event- Number of competitors dictates possible points, but points are capped at 64 max.  A 2x multiplier is used for 2day events.  (24 person 2day event pays out 48points and each placing is seperated by 3 points 48,45,43,40,37…etc.)

   Events utilizing 2man team scoring-  total points earned divided by 2.  (2man 2day event with 24 anglers 1st place pays out- (24×2)/2= 24 points to each angler in first place, 2nd place pays out (21×2)/2= 21 points to each angler in 2nd place) For information on specific event scoring please visit 

Cup Race events-  Teams are guaranteed 2 registration spots if event is two man team, or 4 registration spots if individual registration.  Teams have until 30days prior to the event to get as many entries fielded as possible before the unaffiliated anglers can be used to fill empty spots for the event.  Event host will work off the registration list to try to balance the team distribution as much as possible, balancing off the second highest fielded teams number of entries.  A team counts toward cuprace points when both anglers on a 2man team are rostered members of that team at the beginning of the season.  No substitutions allowed for a team using a non affiliated angler.  Individual scoring for cuprace events will utilize placing, x 3xmulitplier, then divided by the 2man team function

*Team Affiliation Requirements:  All teams are required to submit a finalized roster no later than January 15th each year with league finalization occuring no later than February 15th of the season year.  Rosters can not be changed with additions until the following season. Anglers wishing to no longer fish under a teams name may do so at any point during the season by contacting league administration. 

As of January 4th,2020  these formats are approved by the SEFFL Board.  Any other format may be presented to the board for inclusion based on validity.