seffl1The South East Fly Fishing League is the only Fly fishing League focused on Team competitions and standings.  Team placings in each event contribute to overall Team standings at the end of the year and commence in a year end Championship held the last weekend of December.

Unlike other leagues the South East Fly Fishing League is not focused entirely on Trout.  We sanction events focused on Saltwater and Freshwater species and different formats.  If you have an event you would like sanctioned please use the Contact page to see how your event or idea can contribute to the League.

If you are wishing to start or include a team in the League please contact us as well.  This is a FREE membership League where funding comes from event registrations only.



Trout Moving Water events utilize Fips Mouche rules unless a modification to the rules is approved and posted.

Saltwater events use an SEFFL custom scoring table.

Freshwater Stillwater trout and non trout Stillwater or river  events use an SEFFL custom scoring table.  (All fish measured in CM. All Trout measured and Scored as in FIPS. All non target species Bass,Bluegill etc are worth 25pts each TOTAl regardless of size for any Stillwater event using Trout as target species.  Any event utilizing another species as target species would follow fips rule of 20cm minimum, and the 20points per cm over 20cm rule for scoring. By Catch Species would be 25points each regardless of size. )

All events earn points on the leaderboard based on placing. 2day events have  2x multiplier for points earned, and a maximum point earning of 48 points. Single day events have no multiplier and a maximum point earning of 24points. Championship event at end of year has a 3x multiplier- non divided by the 2man team function.

Team standings are determined by the 5 highest point earners on each team. That cumulative total then represents that specific team point standing.


If you are a corporation or business that would like to be a feature sponsor for the League please use the Contact function.

League Rules:

All events are to hosted by a league team.

All events will utilize registration through http://www.flycomps.com

All events and competitors are expected to uphold the highest standard of respect and sportsman ship.

All events are catch and release only.

All competitors are expected to honor their commitment to an event they sign up for.  A drop from an event an angler is signed up for will earn a 2placing point penalty at their next event only affecting their leaderboard point earnings not their placing in the actual event.(if you place 4th in the event, you will only earn points for a 6th place finish), and on a second offense earn a 4 month suspension from participating in any League events.

All competitions are non-refundable within 20 days of the event unless the event is cancelled or rescheduled due to weather or unforeseen circumstance.  Event organizers have the option to amend and change this standard at their discretion for any event they host.

Rain and Inclement weather:  Calling a competition us up to the event organizer, a partial refund, full refund, or credit for future event may be offered.

1day events that are cancelled due to inclement weather are encouraged to pick up at the first satisfactory date to hold the event as rescheduled.

2day events where both days may be cancelled due to inclement weather are encouraged to reschedule at the earliest convenient time.

2day events where one day may be cancelled due to inclement weather will utilize scoring from the completed sessions(where all flights completed the same number of sessions) as final sessions to score the event unless a venue change or weather delay is implemented by the organizer. At such time scoring would be final and prizes/awards/points distributed on a finalized basis.


Access the forum- http://seffl.freeforums.net/