2019 Gold Cup

Out of the gate into the 2019 season the Gold Cup was off to a great start.  Sadly the event was cut short due to the new Georgia Winter Monsoon season we have dealt with since November. The total rainfall Saturday accounted for .5 inches of rain and the sessions finished just as the river reached the max safe level.  Then another 2 inches of rain that night, washed us out for any fishing on Sunday.  Anglers did fish both venues, and scores were finalized with sessions on each venue.

Ricky Ozmar and Alex Boyer took 1st after taking a close 2nd last year.   Austin Shoemaker and Elijah Ellis took 2nd, and Daniel Levi Ladlee and Chase Turner took 3rd.  It was a tight race for the top 4.  Richard Carbon won Big Fish with a 64cm Rainbow!

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