Angler Spotlight: Daniel Levi Ladlee


This interview is focused on Daniel Levi Ladlee, one of the top 3 for the 2019 season and a consistent top 3 at the last 2 events of the 2019 season! He is an up and coming top angler and one to watch as the season progresses!

Ben- “How long have you been competing?”

Daniel- ”I starting competing about three years ago, didn’t really get serious about it till a year and a half ago. I was curious about the competition scene after meeting a competitor during the Rumble in the Rhododendron. I knew nothing of Euro nymphing techniques. After seeing the success they were having, I had to give it a try. Which lead way to competitions.”
Ben- “What were your goals for last season and how did you go about achieving those goals?”

Daniel- ”My goals for last season were fairly simple. Dial in my game. Lose flies that I didn’t have faith in, get my leader building game tight, beat management, fish with folks that are better than I am, ask dumb questions and time on the water. This last one was huge for me. You can be told a million things, but time on the water is what’s gonna make it all come together.”
Ben- ”What are your goals for this season and how you do you plan to achieve those?” Daniel- “For this season, just more of the same. Continuously trying to polish areas of my game that need it. Fishing with folks that have more experience than yourself is tremendously helpful in this area.”
Ben- ” What is your favorite fly pattern?”

Daniel- “A well tied mayfly dry is probably my favorite fly. Tossing dries is a great way to spend a summer day in the park! ”
Ben-  ”What is your go to technique when competing?”

Daniel- ”Primarily Euro, either single or double nymphs. But I will abandon that immediately if conditions dictate dry dropper. I’m not really a streamer guy, yet. ”
Ben-  “What advice do you have for someone looking to try competitive fly fishing?”

Daniel- ”Just starting to compete, I would recommend trying to join a team. It’s a great way to get the knowledge you need in an expedited manner. Other than that, books and YouTube were extremely helpful to me.”
Ben- “What do you think of the SEFFL after its first year?

Daniel- “I feel the league is doing a great job. Some of these events can be a nightmare. I applaud anyone who puts them together.”
Ben- ”Do you think the team angling aspect of competitive fly fishing is a unique outlier that improves anglers and makes events more fun?”

Daniel- “Team angling is a great way to build relationships and help grow the sport. I do feel like individual tournaments have their place as well.”
Ben- “Open forum, anything you would like to add for those reading?”

Daniel- ”I feel blessed to be in a section of the country that has so many great anglers and a competition scene that is, strong, to say the least. I look forward to the friends I haven’t met yet, and am thankful to the ones I’ve made along the way so far. See you in the water, cheers!”

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