Angler Spotlight: Shawn Isaacs

If any of you have had the pleasure of fishing with Shawn then you are also lucky enough to know another humble great angler.  Shawn along with our previous angler spotlight subject, Roger Wilson epitomize the best of this league.  If we had 20 anglers with the drive, attitude, and aptitude of Roger and Shawn then we would have one of the strongest leagues of any sport in this country.



  1. Ben-” How long have you been competing and what brought you to the competition scene? ” Shawn- My first tournament was the Rumble in the Rhododendron in November of 2013. I had been fly fishing since March of that year, and my buddy asked me to fish it with him. I learned so much by watching other anglers compete, and I knew I wanted to get better and start competing.
  2. Ben- “What were your goals for last season and did you accomplish them? If so what were the keys to your success?” Shawn- I just wanted to get better and be a more rounded angler. I feel like I still have a long way to go, but I definitely have gotten better thanks to a lot of help from friends who are much better than I am.
  3. Ben- “What are your goals for this season and how do you plan to achieve them?” Shawn- To get better and make new friends along the way. I am going to try and fish as many competitions as I can and learn as much as possible.
  4. Ben- “Whats your favorite fly pattern?” Shawn- I’m not going to lie, it’s probably any junk fly. Junk works, but it also has its time and place just like any other pattern.
  5. Ben- “What is your go to technique when competition fishing?” Shawn-I probably use Euro nymph the most, but it varies depending on the conditions.
  6. Ben-“For someone interested in competing or starting out, what would be your advice to them?” Shawn- Practice…Practice…Practice, and fish with others that are always pushing you to get better!
  7. Ben-“Why did you choose to fish in the SEFFL?” It’s fun! I also feel like some of the best anglers in the world compete in these events. The league is a great place to have fun and make new friends!
  8. Ben- ” You are the top angler on your team, do you believe the team aspect of competitive angling is a unique outlier that makes the sport more fun than just individual angling?” Shawn- I wish!!! I’m probably not even in the top 5! We have some great anglers on the team! The team aspect definitely adds another dimension to the competition that I like. It makes you work together to make each other better.
  9. Ben- “Open Forum, anything you would like to add for the readers…”  Shawn- Thanks to everyone who has helped me get better and also become some of my best friends as well. Thank you Ben for all you do for this league! It’s not an easy task, and I am grateful for all you do! Let’s all get out there and have fun, learn and make new friends!

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